An amalgamation of various fandoms I enjoy(Marvel, DC, Supernatural, Avatar, etc.) as well as photography, cosplay and random things I find funny.

I am in my final year of college for photography and I attend various conventions throughout southern Ontario and soon some cons in the states as well. I have been cosplaying for nearly 10 years. I also do cosplay photography at conventions!

I am 24 years old, female, pansexual and currently in a great relationship! I am a Ravenclaw, House Tyrell, Athena's cabin, mother of dragons, waterbender, and a book lover!

Photography in side bar by Wonderboy Cosplay!


get to know me meme: [4/5] favourite tv shows → teen wolf

what do you mean, scott? there’s always hope.



anonymous and vltron asked: buckynat or stevebucky?

"Never even realized how lost I was without her. But I always was. Just some lost soldier who forgot he ever had a home.Until she gave me one."

"I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”"
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar (via nonsichiudeunabissoconaria)
Batfamily Asks
  • Bruce Wayne: What drives you?
  • Alfred Pennyworth: Is there anyone who is always there for you?
  • Dick Grayson: Who do you love most?
  • Barbara Gordon: Have you ever had to overcome a great obstacle?
  • Jason Todd: Who do people most misunderstand about you?
  • Tim Drake: Have you ever had a dream become a reality?
  • Cassandra Cain: Do you think the family you were born into or the family you chose is more important?
  • Stephanie Brown: What brings you joy in life?
  • Damian Wayne: Do you believe people can change?
  • Selina Kyle: Is there something you would break the law for?
  • Kate Kane: Have you changed a lot from how you were a few years ago?
  • Helena Bertinelli: Have you ever felt the need to prove yourself time and time again?
  • James Gordon: Is there someone you're always willing to turn a blind eye for?
  • Renee Montoya: Do you think anyone can become a hero?
  • Bilal Asselah: What is your escape in life?
  • David Zavimbe: Is there a code you live by?
  • Terry McGinnis: What do you hope your future will look like?


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Land of the free home of the rich

What really scares me is that they all have significantly cheaper health care AND education, which means Americans not only make they least, they pay the most.

…wait, what?

By the way, if anyone was wondering why Canada’s wage has an asterisk, it’s because we’re about to raise it to $11.

Actually, as far as I know, $9.75 is the minimum wage for those under 18 years of age. The minimum wage for those above is $10.50 an hour.

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Beautiful but poisonous



death noot


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You know why all the world hates a Lannister? 




It just keeps…… getting. …. better

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